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Hearing Aid Selection

Take advantage of the latest hearing science and cutting-edge digital technology, at the Hearing Aid Centre we fit devices designed to improve hearing in noise, eliminate buzzing and whistling, plus enhance TV viewing and phone conversations like never before.

What is best for you requires complex consideration and best discussed once more information is known. Your appointment at The Hearing Aid Centre will see one of our qualified Clinicians record an extensive personal history to assist with determining your preferences such as the most suitable type of device, cost and performance. As recognized Hearing Aid Specialists, our team has access to all available technologies.Our team are committed to finding the best solution for you.

Made for iPhone

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Hearing aids have reached a new level, streaming directly to your iPhone, iPad, iPod.    Listening like never before.   Be one of the first to experience this new level of technology and the ease with which you can make your own adjustments.


The Smaller the Better

Fingers and little hearing aidHow we feel about our hearing and is as important as the results it give us. Hearing Aid technology has advanced to the point of what can now be described as “Invisible”. Are you a candidate for this latest technology? We invite you to contact us to discuss your options.

Behind the Ear Fittings

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Moxi and kiss

You may be surprised to hear that Behind the Ear devices are have a resurgence. This is due to significant improvements in technology that have allowed Behind the Ear devices to become smaller and more discrete thus more appealing. These types of Hearing Aids take full advantage of the directionality functions now available

Open Ear Fittings

Previous comfort issues with Open Ear Fittings, including the feeling of being blocked in the head, have been overcome through research and development. As a result, the majority of all Open Ear Fitting patients now say they are unaware of the presence of a hearing aid in their ear.

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In the Ear Fittings

In the Ear Fittings can vary in size from tiny devices completely concealed down in the ear canal, to those fitting in the concha bowl and even those that can be fitted to more severe type losses. Your Hearing Aid Centre Clinician can show you various In the Ear Fitting models and indicate the appropriateness for your particular level of hearing loss. Many patients often find these fittings easier to manage as they are just one piece rather than a combination of devices and ear moulds.

Additional Features, automation, set and forget

Digital sound processing has given us the opportunity to resolve piercing impulse noise problems such as the sounds created by cutlery and dish clatter. Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate wind noise reduction technology, echo control and programs that ease new wearers into amplification. This sound processing also ensures speech and other environmental sounds can be delivered to the ear in a balanced environment ensuring more comfortable and clearer hearing.

New technology has seen the introduction of Bluetooth connectivity between Hearing Aids and TV, MP3 players, mobile phones and computers. In some cases this technology allows the wearer to simply walk into the TV room, have the Hearing Aids identify that the TV is in range and automatically connect to it. Upon leaving the room the Hearing Aids disconnect and revert to their normal function. Likewise mobile phones automatically connect to the Hearing Aid when a call is received.

Directional Microphones

The increased clarity and speech understanding in noisy environments achieved by Directional Microphone Technology, is perhaps the most significant improvement seen in Hearing Aids for many years. Directional Microphones enable the Hearing Aid to focus more to the front reducing the distracting loud and unwanted noise from the back.

At The Hearing Aid Centre we believe that utilizing the very best technology is all part of the services. We are committed to finding the perfect hearing solution and ensuring, on a long-term basis, they are fine-tuned to meet your needs and requirements – a service that sets us apart from other providers!

Wireless Technology

Wireless Technology……………. What’s that and how does it help?

Most of the Hearing Aids we now fit have inbuilt wireless technology. This means when you press the button on one aid, it changes both aids [either the volume, the program or the noise reduction software]

Wireless Technology allows your Hearing Aids to automatically connect to your television. Imagine hearing what’s on the TV directly into your ears, no bulky headsets or wires. Along with the option of having your mobile phone or landline being streamed in to your Hearing Aids.

Better noise reduction can be achieved by using binarual Hearing Aid processing. This means the Hearing Aids talk to each other and compare the environment they’re in and decide what noise management system will give the most comfortable and clearest hearing.

Clip on a remote microphones are available to that you can hear your partner at a restaurant, or hear with ease and comfort at a lecture or church.

Do you have discrete Hearing Aids? They are getting smaller and smaller, even fitting right down in your ears. Interested? If you have any questions please give us a call.