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Jill Snell

Jill Snell – Senior Audiologist & Tinnitus Consultant


The Nuts and Bolts Stuff

Jill Snell is latest addition to the talented Advanced Hearing Aid Centre team. Jill is a senior audiologist and tinnitus consultant who has a wealth of experience in hospital based audiology and in hearing rehabilitation for both private and Government sectors.

Jill completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of New England, Armidale, NSW, in 1993 where she gained majors in Linguistics, Human-Bio-science and Psychology. In 1994 Jill completed the Post Graduate Audiology program at the University of Queensland and subsequently, in April 1998, she attended Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) training at Nottingham University in the UK.  Tinnitus management and TRT has been a special interest for Jill since that time. Over the past 20 plus years Jill has worked with paediatric clients, military clients, compensation clients, hospital in-patients, privately funded adult clients and Australian Government clients for The Office of Hearing Services and as a clinical educator in Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Jill’s greatest professional pleasure is working with her clients to achieve the best outcome for them.

Other Stuff

Jill grew up in a Military family and has lived in Germany, the UK and Cyprus, so you probably won’t be surprised to learn that she enjoys travel and the Arts. In April 2012 Jill was able to combine these interests when she travelled to Uganda with a team of 55 Australian Volunteers on a Cultural Exchange with The African Children’s Choir.  Jill was a member of the medical team living and working in a slum area of Kampala. Each team member paid their own way and raised funds for the African Children’s Choir Education programme and for a number of orphanages.

More recently Jill travelled to the USA to sing with a large Australian Choir (under the Direction of Dr Jonathan Welch OAM, Choir of Hard Knocks). Funds raised went towards setting up choirs for people who live on the streets in Boston and New York. Jill explains that homeless people rarely have the opportunity to socialise and build skills. Choirs run by volunteers, have no costs to participants, nurture a sense of purpose, teach teamwork and simply bring joy into otherwise sad lives. Such choirs in Australia have led to improved mental health outcomes for participants and some have even re-joined the workforce.


Jill says that understanding her clients’ hearing needs or hearing aid challenges is the most important part of her role. Some challenges seem insurmountable but might have a simple solution, other times the problem might seem small but may actually be complex. Either way Jill will listen and work through it with you. Jill is looking forward to meeting you.