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Hearing Aids

Open Ear Fittings To hear with clarity and comfort is a gift.    Recent changes in technology mean that for those of us with hearing loss this hearing with comfort has never been more

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Hearing Voucher

Hearing Service Program - DVA Recipients & Pensioner Hearing Aids Access to Free Hearing Aids from the Office of Hearing Service Program is simple. This program is available to DVA

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Truth is I walked into your clinic by mistake, but I am glad I did.   My hearing aids never seemed to work properly, and the people who were looking after me just didn't seem to get

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JULIE MURPHY – Clinical Audiometrist

JULIE MURPHY - Clinical Audiometrist As a ‘born and bred’ local, Julie Murphy cannot imagine a better place to work and raise her family than here on the Gold Coast. Having been

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NARELLE REED – Clincial Audiometrist

NARELLE REED - Clincial Audiometrist Commencing in the mid 1990’s to this day I still find myself delighted and surprised, it is hard to describe the feeling of knowing you have

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Jan Moore – Client Services Manager

Jan has been in the hearing aid industry for almost ever. The best part of my job is being able to attend to minor repairs and problems so client can get on with their life more quickly

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Have you heard of ear fatigue? Certain groups of people are a lot more likely to experience ear fatigue than others. Could you be at risk? Tiredness, discomfort, pain and loss of

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