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Your sense of hearing is a vital link to your world – a source of pleasure, information and communication.  If you have a hearing loss you can take control of the situation.
Hearing loss should not get in the way of enjoying your life.

Did you know that people who decided to move forward with amplification report overall improvement with friendships and intimate relationships?

The path to better hearing starts with your positive decision to take action.  Whatever your age or life stage, you have important personal goals.  If you have decided not to let your hearing loss stand in the way of what you want in life, Congratulations!!!  Today’s hearing instruments are more effective than ever and can help you maintain important activities, relationships and a greater sense of “belonging.”

Hearing losses are very individual and fortunately most can be helped with today’s hearing instruments.  Your ideal solution will address your unique hearing needs as well as your personal preferences.  The Hearing Aid Centre’s experienced clinicians will help you understand your hearing needs, recommend the most appropriate hearing solution, adapt your hearing instruments for your personal hearing profile, and provide suggestions and ongoing support.

Here are a few key facts about hearing instruments to help you off to a successful start……..

Did you know that modern hearing aids are rates as #24 on the CNN list of Top Innovations?  The internet being #1, the cell phone #2 and personal computers as #3??  source: (2005)

The past few years have witnessed a transformation in the performance and appearance of hearing instruments.  State-of-the-art microchip technology and sophisticated electronic design allow hearing instruments to work better than ever before.

Design advancements have also changed hearing instruments in a positive way.  Today they are more attractive,  stylish and designed to match your needs and lifestyle.  People enjoy solutions that fit and perform well and help them feel comfortable both physically and emotionally.  Today’s solutions are smaller and LOOK better.  Overall satisfaction experienced by hearing instrument wearers has never been higher.  Thanks to these major strides in the field of hearing care, life can change for the better.

So if you are a new instrument candidate, or if you are ready to upgrade your current devices, rest assured that there is a solution for you.

Better hearing can help you…………….

ü  Feel more confident in social situations

ü  Participate much more easily in conversations in noisy places

ü  Feel less stressed and more relaxed

ü  Hear what people are saying in meetings or religious gatherings

ü  Understand television, even when others are in the room

ü  Use the telephone more easily

ü  Talk on your mobile phone

ü  Connect more to other people and feel included

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