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Hearing Aids and Tinnitus

Tinnitus is described as a “phantom sound generated in the Auditory system” or “ the-perception of sound in the absence of an external sound.”

In our clinical experience the majority of those with hearing impairment and even some without hearing impairment suffer from varying degrees of “noises” in their ears. Whether it’s a hissing sound, bells, cicada’s, humming or sea shell type noises these can be intrusive, annoying and downright distressing.

In a recent American Hearing Journal article the positive effects of wearing Hearing Aids was again addressed. We’ve long appreciated that when we treat hearing loss with a Hearing Aid,adding the additional therby speech information and environmental noise to the Auditory system, the outcome commonly is this distracts the brain away from the internally created noise / Tinnitus. Thereby substantially reducing the intrusion of the Tinnitus or on occasions eliminating it all together.

The article recommended binaural amplification and the wearing of Open Ear type Hearing Aids for mild losses. The authors stated that Hearing Aids were an enormously effective in assisting Tinnitus patient as wearing Hearing Aids reduced listening fatigue and stress, and as Tinnitus is presumably exacerbated by silence, the Hearing Aids reintroduced external sounds thus helping the brain recognise true sounds from pseudo sounds .

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