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Hearing Review

Do you really need to have your hearing reviewed?

The simple answer is yes, hearing just like vision or general health our hearing changes over time, by being aware of what’s happening you to have some control over the outcomes.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss rarely presents it’s self overnight. It is a slow gradual process. We at the Hearing Aid Centre recommend you have your hearing tested at least least bi annually.

If a hearing loss is detected early, there are a number of options available. Many elements go towards better hearing, a Hearing Aid device is only 1 component. We encourage and offer communciation training, things like which seat to select in a restaurant to give you the best hearing chance, with the least amount of strain. Having family and friends say your name first before the ask a question out of the blue. That way your attention is drawn and you have an improved chance of catching the full conversation.

Whilst these seem like simple solutions to a complex issue, they form part of a good hearing health program. We encourage you take advantange of our complimentary assessements currently available. Contact Jan on 07 55757 899

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