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With so many choices, knowing where to start can be confusing.  Let us show you the difference


There is so much more to a Hearing Aid than you may realise. With our many years of experience we are able you to show you the difference and believe us, there is a difference!  Technologies can look the same, but they all do very different jobs, and it is our job to make sure you get the best results.  We also know price is an important component and you will be pleasently surprised to learn we with our price guarantee you are assured of the best price on the Gold Coast.   Value for your money also includes our extensive service, skill and access to the the latest technology.


Our individual and professional attention does makes a difference.  As an “Independant” company we access all technologies across the many hearing aid manufacturers in Australia.  Not all hearing centres can offer you this choice.  With so many Hearing Aids available selecting the right technology for your individual needs is your most important consideration.


Experience the Difference 


Your hearing is important, trust us to give you the answers. The Hearing Aid Centre team are recognised experts in Hearing. We encourage you get the right advice the first time. Did you know!


  • Technology advances in the past 3 years have significantly developed with hearing device size, functionality and sound quality.  This now extends to linking directly to your iPhone, Ipad devices.
  • How Hearing Aids are “Set” and adjusted by your clinician is the real difference, and gives you the most benefit from your Hearing Aid.   This is our area of expertise.
  • Equally important are your “Follow Up” appointments, and ease of access to your clinician.  This is a focus for us, as Hearing Aids are more than just a one off purchase they are an important lifestyle device for you.  They need to be set and adjusted over time as you become accustomed to hearing again.
  • Great quality does not have to cost the earth. Our price guarantee ensures you receive the best price on the Gold Coast.  With all price ranges covered.


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Take advantage of the latest hearing science and cutting-edge digital technology. As an independent company, we have access to the latest technology that is best suited to your needs. Your hearing and your lifestyle is unique to you, call us today to see how we can help you to hear your world better. Our experience ensures you get the best hearing results.