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Technology Where Has It Come From

Just as our understanding of the ramification of Hearing Loss has improved, so has the computerisation and technology of Hearing Aids.
In the early 2000’s we saw the advent of Directional Microphones which allowed Hearing Aids to, when required, focus in front where the speaker was, avoiding distracting background noise from the rear which was a major cause of problems with the earlier Hearing Aids. Originally this Directional Microphone system was a manual push button system [and not everyone changed it when they needed to] thankfully the system progressed to being automatic, becoming active when the Hearing Aid determined the wearer was in a noisy situation. Hearing Aids are now able to separate “speech” [a highly moderated signal] from “noise” [a more steady state noise] they use this ability to apply a reduction system that
leaves speech but reduces the emphasis of background noise. Where it will go to next?

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