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Wireless Technology

Wireless Technology……………. What’s that and how does it help?

Most of the Hearing Aids we now fit have inbuilt wireless technology. This means when you press the button on one aid, it changes both aids [either the volume, the program or the noise reduction software]

Wireless Technology allows your Hearing Aids to automatically connect to your television. Imagine hearing what’s on the TV directly into your ears, no bulky headsets or wires. Along with the option of having your mobile phone or landline being streamed in to your Hearing Aids.

Better noise reduction can be achieved by using binarual Hearing Aid processing. This means the Hearing Aids talk to each other and compare the environment they’re in and decide what noise management system will give the most comfortable and clearest hearing.

Clip on a remote mircrophones aer available to that you can hear your partner at a restaurant, or hear with ease and comfort at a lecture or church.

Do you have discrete Hearing Aids? They are getting smaller and smaller, even fitting right down in your ears. Interested? If you have any questions please give us a call

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