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When my family started to tell me that “Mum you need to do something about your hearing”  I really didn’t know where to start.   A friend of mine had been to see Narelle at Advanced Hearing Aid Centre and recommended her.  It was just easy the way she explained to me why things sounded muffled and I was not going crazy or deaf.  But yes my ears needed some hearing help.   This would have to be the best phone call I have ever made.   I certainly recommend you visit Narelle at the Hearing Aid Centre.

What a difference my new Hearing Aids have made to my life, I can finally hear in background noise, for the first time in years I was able to join in at a family BBQ instead of standing at the back. Hearing Aids do work and the team at the Hearing Aid Centre are second to none. Thanks Hunter, Narelle, Julie and Jan. I am recommending you to my friends, if they would just so something about their hearing.

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