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Tinnitus Retraining

Methods to retrain the auditory cortex and limbic system to ignore or minimise tinnitus noise.  Since as yet, there is not cure for tinnitus; any methods of retraining/reprogramming habituation are valuable.
Most methods revolve around a technique for relaxation, often through listening to music (Mozart is good, also quiet sounds from nature).  Next step is to retrain or habituate the mid brain to distinguish between “real” sounds (words, a door creaking, a kettle whistling), and “false” sounds that have no real meaning (tinnitus sounds).  With practice and by using distracting techniques like masking music, keeping busy, the “false” sounds fade into the background quite a  bit.

Stress, agitation, illness, tiredness (not to mention a couple of glasses of red wine) all play a role in exaggerating  tinnitus, that’s why a relaxation technique is essential. NOT focussing on the tinnitus sounds using whatever distractions comes next.  Keep practising and relief will surely come.  We also recognise that the additional sounds created by Hearing Aids also provide a similar and very positive distraction from Tinnitus.

Resound Alera TSTM changes tinnitus management.   By combining advanced hearing aid technology with an innovative tinnitus sound generator.  It changes tinnitus management, whether you have a hearing loss or not;

  • your attention will be drawn away from your tinnitus
  • the disturbing tinnitus noise will be less noticeable
  • you’ll get a highly individualised solution

Combined with informed counselling, the sound generator built into ReSound Alera TSTM is eecognised as a highly effective way of managing tinnitus.

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