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Today, there are hundreds of hearing aids on the market that are comfortable, nearly invisible and offer high fidelity sound quality. There are even extended wear hearing aids you leave in for months, and hearing aids that wirelessly connect to your TV through your smartphone, transforming your hearing aids into headsets.

Styles of hearing aids include traditional and mini behind the ear (BTE), receiver in the ear (ITE) and receiver in the canal (ITC) or receiver in the canal (RIC), receiver in the ear (RITE) or receiver completely in the canal (CIC).

Which hearing aid is right for you? We can help! We can help you choose hearing aids that match the environments where you spend time, your lifestyle and your budget. We will fit, adjust and program your hearing aids for the best hearing possible. The right hearing aids can transform your life.

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How Hearing Aids Work

Hearing aids use small microphones to collect sounds. They also contain a computer chip that converts the incoming sound, then analyses it and adjusts it based on your hearing loss. You hear the audio signals through miniature speakers in your ears.

Which hearing aid is right for you depends on the severity of your hearing loss, the environments where you want to hear better, how active you want to be and the technology you’re comfortable with using.

Hearing Aid Evaluation

There are literally thousands of hearing aids available today. Our highly trained staff will use the information in your case history and in the audiological evaluation to help narrow your choices.

Which hearing aids to purchase? You’ll make the final decision.

Hearing Aid Fitting

During a hearing aid fitting, we’ll program the device to meet your specific needs. We’ll give you instructions on how to put the hearing aids in your ears and remove them, how to change batteries and how to care for and clean the devices.

We’ll also review how your lifestyle affects how hearing aids function, and how to get the most benefit from wearing your hearing aids.

One Hearing Aid vs. Two Hearing Aids

You have two ears because you need two ears. If you have hearing loss in each ear that could be reduced by hearing aids, you should wear two hearing aids.

Wearing hearing aids in each ear will:

  • improve your ability to hear in noisy settings
  • allow you to determine where sounds are coming from
  • improve your ability to understand speech, even from a distance
  • help you hear soft sounds at lower levels
  • and give sound a fuller quality.

Which Brands of Hearing Aids Are Best?

We’ve spent years selecting the few hearing aid manufacturers that we know from experience are the cream of the crop. Why do we only carry the best? Because we want to help you truly get more out of life.

Call or text us to get a free demo and find out which individual hearing aid type and brand is right for you.

Wearing Hearing Aids

Hearing aids work extremely well when they’re fitted and adjusted to your liking. That’s why it’s important to come to us for professional services. Hearing aids should fit comfortably and appropriately amplify sound. If your hearing aids fall short, return them to us immediately. We’re happy to adjust them for you.

Hearing aids can dramatically improve your hearing, but they don’t provide “perfect” hearing. A hearing aid is exactly what it says — it is an “aid” to help you hear better. Our expertise and your attitude are the keys to your better hearing.

Hearing loss typically develops over many years. Becoming reacquainted with sounds while using hearing aids will take some practice. You brain will need time to adjust to the sounds your hearing aids help provide. Try not to get frustrated. We’re here to help you through this process.

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