Hearing Assessment

Hearing Assesment

Discover the Advanced Hearing Aid Centre difference, where we prioritise your hearing health and provide exceptional customer care every step of the way.

In our modern busy world, the buzz of noise is always around us. So, if you’re someone who enjoys the lively commotion of family gatherings or the birds sounds as you take a morning stroll, hearing loss can prevent you from fully embracing these experiences. It poses various challenges in your daily life and diminishes the richness and harmony of the countless sounds around you.

At Advanced Hearing Aid Centre, we strive to empower you to live your life to the fullest by helping you face these challenges with the best solution for your needs. Whether it’s relishing the tunes that take your mind back to your first social dance or hearing your grandchildren giggle at your funny jokes, the team at Advance Hearing Aid Centre understands how important these moments are and we strive to help you fully embrace them. By undergoing a comprehensive hearing assessment, we can design a personalised treatment plan tailored specifically to your needs, allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy life fully.

Preparing for your first appointment:

To ensure a smooth and efficient process, our friendly Customer Service Officer will kindly request your details, including your full name, address, date of birth, emergency contact, and your current general practitioner. With your consent, we can prepare your file in advance to help us streamline your appointment and focus on your needs from the moment you arrive.

We understand that support is crucial during important healthcare visits, which is why we encourage you to bring someone with you. Also, the insights and experiences of those closest to you regarding your hearing loss can be invaluable to help us understand your unique situation.

If, for any reason, you’re feeling unwell or unable to attend, please let us know beforehand and we’ll be more than happy to reschedule your appointment at a time that works best.

Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we look forward to providing you with exceptional care and support throughout your journey towards improved hearing health.


What to expect during a hearing assessment:

During your hearing test, we will discuss your personal history, focusing on situations where hearing becomes difficult or frustrating for yourself of those around you.
Next, we conduct a visual examination of your ears to ensure overall health. If there are any issues, such as an ear infection or wax blockage, we may need to reschedule the test until your ear has healed or the wax has been removed. These conditions can interfere with obtaining an accurate record of your hearing abilities.

The hearing test itself is a non-invasive, risk-free, and painless procedure known as an audiometry evaluation, It is performed by a qualified audiometrist. This evaluation helps assess your hearing across different sounds, frequencies, and pitches.
Typically, an audiometry evaluation consists of several tests conducted in a soundproof room and each test is completely painless. These tests are designed to evaluate specific aspects of your hearing and identify any potential hearing loss. During your consultation, we will select the appropriate tests to obtain the most accurate assessment of your hearing concerns.

Examples of tests commonly included in an audiometry evaluation are:
Pure tone audiometry, tympanometry, acoustic reflex testing and speech discrimination testing.

How does an Audiometric Test work?

Audiometric Test: Uncover the True State of Your Hearing

Our audiometric test is designed to measure the faintest sounds you can hear, ensuring accurate assessment of your hearing abilities. We utilise precise decibels (dB) to gauge sound loudness and frequencies (Hz) to evaluate tone. During the test, you’ll experience a series of low and high-frequency tones delivered through comfortable ear inserts. Simply acknowledge your response to these sounds, no matter how subtle, by pressing a button. We conduct the test for each ear, recognising that results can vary. Following the examination, we’ll review the comprehensive audiogram report with you, which provides a clear percentage of hearing loss for each ear.

Understanding Your Results: Empowering You with Knowledge

Normal hearing is characterised by the ability to hear the softest sounds between minus-10 and 20dB. However, if you still can’t hear sounds louder than 20dB, it indicates some level of hearing loss.

  • Mild Hearing Loss (21dB to 40dB): In this range, you may encounter challenges following speech, especially in noisy environments. Often, people around you may notice the hearing loss before you do.
  • Moderate Hearing Loss (41dB to 70dB): With moderate hearing loss, you’ll frequently struggle to understand speech and may miss quiet sounds.
  • Severe Hearing Loss (71dB to 90dB): This level of hearing loss makes it difficult to hear speech even in quiet surroundings, and you won’t notice general noises like traffic, unless they’re loud.
  • Profound Hearing Loss (greater than 90dB): Profound hearing loss means most sounds are inaudible unless they are extremely loud.

At Advanced Hearing Aid Centre, we need to understand your specific hearing condition to provide the right solution for your needs. Our team of experts can help improve your hearing for a better quality of life.

Tympanometry Test

Our comprehensive tympanometry test helps our expert team to assess the function and integrity of your middle ear, including vital structures including the eardrum and bones. By introducing varying air pressures, we observe how your middle ear responds, providing valuable insights into its anatomy. 

This non-invasive test is essential for identifying issues such as wax or fluid build-up, perforated eardrums, middle ear tumours, Eustachian tube dysfunction and damage to the bones of the middle ear. The middle ear resides behind the eardrum (also known as the tympanic membrane). Our highly trained audiometrist will gently place a small probe into each ear, which delivers controlled bursts of air. Through this process, we assess the condition of your middle ear, the mobility of the tympanic membrane, and the conduction of sound through the bones.

Unravelling the Meaning Behind Your Results

After conducting the test, your dedicated audiometrist will thoroughly review your results and provide a clear explanation of how they relate to your unique hearing difficulties. They will take the time to discuss suitable solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of your options. Our friendly hearing aid expert team is here to answer any questions you may have, guiding you towards the best course of action for optimal hearing health.

Hearing Aid Fitting

Advanced Hearing Aid Centre is more than just a hearing aid centre focused on programming and fitting devices. Our commitment extends to guiding you throughout the entire process until your ideal hearing aid is perfectly fitted. Our comprehensive services in Robina and Elanora, Northern NSW and the Riverina include a thorough examination of your ear canal and eardrum through a hearing assessment, as well as detailed hearing tests to assess your level of hearing.

Based on the results, we offer expert advice on the best course of action, including options for hearing aid styles and prices. In addition, we provide essential services like precise fitting of hearing aids and prompt repairs to ensure optimal performance and utmost comfort. We also offer a range of helpful products designed to safeguard your hearing and enhance your long-term enjoyment of sound.

During the fitting appointment, our skilled audiometrist will expertly program your hearing aid(s) and guide you through its use, ensuring you are feeling confident and comfortable with the device before the conclusions of your appointment. During your second hearing aid-fitting appointment, we provide a valuable opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have and make any necessary adjustments to the device settings, guaranteeing an optimal listening experience.

Discover Our Range of Hearing Aids Designed for Your Unique Needs:

  1. Invisible Hearing Aids: Experience the ultimate discretion with these nearly invisible aids that rest discreetly on the ear canal. You can enjoy improved hearing without compromising your appearance.
  2. Behind-the-Ear (BTE) Hearing Aids: Designed to accommodate various degrees of hearing loss, these aids are worn comfortably behind the ear. They offer powerful performance while maintaining a sleek and modern look.
  3. Custom-Fitted Hearing Aids: Our specially tailored hearing aids are crafted to fit your unique ear shape, ensuring maximum comfort and exceptional performance. Experience a custom solution that perfectly suits your lifestyle.

At Advanced Hearing Aid Centre, we take great pride in offering a diverse selection of hearing aids to cater to your specific needs. We understand that choosing the right device is essential, and our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way. Visit one of our convenient locations today and explore our range of cutting-edge hearing aids, so you can rediscover the joy of crystal-clear sound.

Experience personalised care and exceptional service at Advanced Hearing Aid Centre. We care about our customers and always go above and beyond to ensure you receive the utmost satisfaction throughout your hearing aid journey.

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