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When Should You Clean Your Hearing Aid Or Book A Repair?

Are you experiencing feedback or interference issues with your hearing aid? Is the fit no longer right, or have you spotted some signs of damage?

Your hearing aid is a valuable part of your quality of life. The equipment is durable but does need regular owner-care to ensure top performance and reduce hearing aid repairs.

Why Clean A Hearing Aid?

Use your hearing aid cleaning kit daily for a few minutes. Wax buildup is a common hindrance to its performance as its clogs sound outlets or vents, giving weak or distorted audio. If your equipment has a filter to prevent wax ingress, then replace it in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

How To Clean Behind The Ear Equipment

We recommend the use of alcohol-free wet wipes for cleaning the exterior casing and speaker unit. It is important that no excess moisture enters the hearing aid.

How To Clean In The Ear Equipment

Use the wet wipes first, then use your cleaning brush to remove wax from sound and ventilation outlets. Use the brush in a twisting motion to delicately remove debris from all sound openings and press the brush through the ventilation hole while simultaneously twisting it.

Always hold your hearing aid over a pad or soft surface in case you drop it. In both cleaning operations, allow for one hour drying time after cleaning.

Contact your hearing care professional for the wax protection system details of your hearing aid.

When To Repair Your Hearing Aid

Are you having issues with your hearing aids? If you’re experiencing feedback or interference, a less-tight fit, or if there are visible signs of damage or malfunction, your hearing aids need professional attention.

If you suspect your hearing aids need repair or cleaning beyond what you do at home, call us. Periodically adjusting your hearing aids, regular cleanings and ongoing counseling are vital to your continued satisfaction with your investment in better hearing.

How Our Aid Repair Service Works

When your hearing aid isn’t working, you want it fixed with as little delay as possible. We can make simple repairs in our office. We can also send more severely damaged hearing aids to the manufacturers for repair. We take care of most major brands. We send the instruments by Express Post or TOLL to ensure that they get back as quickly as possible.

Do You Need A Loaner During Repair

While your hearing aid is being repaired, our loaner service can provide you with a temporary hearing aid. We have a wide range of behind-the-ear and receiver in the ear aids, as well as powerful behind-the-ear devices. These instruments won’t fit or sound exactly like your own aids. But in the interim, it’s good to have something that will get you through the days until your aid comes back.

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