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About Advanced Hearing Aid Centre

It is our independance that makes the difference.  As a privately owned company based right here on the Gold Coast, we offer individual, professional and caring attention. You’ll see the same Clinician each time you visit us. Our experienced team are fully qualified and thoroughly competent in their field. Their dedication to achieving excellence in hearing care, shows with the results.We are the Recognised leaders in Hearing Aid Fittings.

Importantly, at Advanced Hearing Aid Centre we understand that successful results involve more than just a Hearing Aid and we make the commitment to maximise the capabilities of your existing Hearing Aids…. or select new technology that is appropriate for your needs and budget.

Many of our appointments are with people who have been previously fitted with Hearing Aids which end up in drawer. Does this sound familiar to you?

There are various reasons why Hearing Aids are rejected . With our years of experience and patience we are familiar with all of them and ,resolving these issues is a challenge we take delight in. If you have existing Hearing Aids that you’re not wearing, give us a call ……….. let us make you a happy Hearing Aid wearer again.

Our independence ensures we don’t fit just one manufacturer’s products, but select from an extensive range of proven technology. We genuinely listen, so we can understand your individual requirements and needs, ensuring you the most satisfying outcome.

Our committment to you is for the long term by achieving a succesful fitting, Advanced Hearing Aid Centre specalises exclusively in hearing tests,hearing diagnosis,hearing aids and customised earplugs
and we appreciate the opportunity to talk to all patients about Hearing loss and our approach to Hearing Aid rehabilitation.

As an accredited provider for Hearing Services, we are able to offer pensioners and DVA recipients the benefits of the free hearing assessments, through the Office of Hearing Services

Best wishes and call soon to discover for yourself there really is a difference.


Yours sincerely,
Narelle Reed
Managing Director