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How we feel about our hearing aids is an important part of our journey back into the ‘land of the hearing’. Thankfully, Hearing Aid technology has now advanced to the point where

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You may be surprised to hear that Behind the Ear devices are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. This is due to improvements in technology which have allowed Behind the Ear devices to

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Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate wind noise reduction technology, echo control and programs that ease new wearers into amplification. This sound processing also ensures speech and other

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The increased clarity and speech understanding in noisy environments achieved by Directional Microphone Technology is perhaps the most significant improvement seen in Hearing Aids for many

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Wireless Technology……………. What’s that about and how does it help with my hearing? Most of the Hearing Aids we now fit have inbuilt wireless technology. This means when you

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Open Ear Fittings To hear with clarity and comfort is a gift.    Recent changes in technology mean that for those of us with hearing loss this hearing with comfort has never been more

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Advanced Hearing Aids Gold Coast – Hearing Specialist

It’s time to take advantage of the latest hearing science and cutting-edge digital technology, at  Advanced Hearing Aid Centre we fit devices designed to improve hearing in noise, eliminate buzzing and whistling, plus enhance TV viewing and phone conversations like never before.

What is best for you requires complex consideration and best discussed once more information is known. Your appointment at Advanced Hearing Aid Centre will see one of our qualified Clinicians record an extensive personal history to assist with determining your preferences such as the most suitable type of device, cost and performance. As recognized Hearing Aid Specialists, our team has access to all available technologies.Our team are committed to finding the best solution for you.


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Hearing aid Centre Gold Coast

Hearing aids have reached a new level, streaming directly to your iPhone, iPad, iPod.    Listening like never before.   Be one of the first to experience this new level of technology and the ease with which you can make your own adjustments.

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