Diet and Lifestyle Changes for Tinnitus Relief


Are you looking for natural solutions for the disruptive symptoms of tinnitus? Living with tinnitus can be a challenging journey. To better manage tinnitus symptoms, it’s important to understand the impact of diet and lifestyle.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all cure, integrating certain dietary and lifestyle changes can offer a natural pathway to relief. Let us guide you through the best natural tinnitus treatments:

Foods to Embrace for Tinnitus Relief

A nutrient-rich diet plays a pivotal role in alleviating tinnitus symptoms. Let’s explore some key foods that can be beneficial:

  • Vitamin B12: Found in mackerel, salmon, chicken and eggs, vitamin B12 is vital for repairing noise-damaged nerves in the ears, potentially easing tinnitus.
  • Bromelain: This anti-inflammatory agent, prevalent in pineapples, can reduce tinnitus-related inflammation.
  • Potassium: Essential for fluid balance, potassium-rich foods like bananas, spinach and yoghurt can help regulate inner ear fluid levels, impacting tinnitus.
  • Zinc: Low levels of zinc can worsen ringing in the ears. Eat more nuts, dark chocolate and spinach to support healing and cell growth.
  • Folate: Foods like beans and broccoli improve blood flow throughout the body and to the inner ear, potentially alleviating tinnitus symptoms.

Foods to Limit or Avoid

Certain foods and substances can trigger or worsen tinnitus symptoms. It’s advisable to reduce or avoid:

  • Processed and fast foods, MSG and artificial sweeteners are known for exacerbating tinnitus.
  • High salt and sugar intake can impact blood flow and fluid balance in the ears.
  • Excessive caffeine and alcohol can stimulate and aggravate tinnitus.


Experiment and Observe

Everyone’s experience with tinnitus is unique. If you suspect a particular food angers your tinnitus, try eliminating it for a week and observe any changes. Gradually reintroducing it will help you identify whether it’s a trigger or not.

When to Seek Professional Help

While these natural remedies can offer relief, they are not substitutes for professional medical advice. If your tinnitus persists for longer than 6 months, becomes increasingly painful, or you have existing health conditions and are considering major dietary changes, it’s time to call your local healthcare professional.

At Advanced Hearing Aid Centre, we’re committed to guiding you through your natural tinnitus treatment journey with personalised care and support. Remember, you’re not alone in this, and there are natural ways to manage and relieve your symptoms. For more tailored advice and assistance, don’t wait any longer! Contact our audiologists today.