The Impact of Hearing Loss and the Benefits of Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids

The Impact of Hearing Loss and the Benefits of Hearing Aids

Hearing loss can have a profound impact on your life, affecting your ability to communicate, connect with others, and engage in daily activities. 

If you’re noticing a decline in your ability to hear, you’re not alone. In Australia, one in six people experience hearing difficulties, including a third of people over the age of 65. 

However, the good news is that help is available. Hearing aids play a crucial role in alleviating the anxiety associated with hearing loss. With advancements in digital technology, modern hearing aids offer improved clarity and reduced strain to help you while listening. 

Julie Murphy, a clinical audiometrist from Gold Coast Advanced Hearing Aid Centre, offers some insights into this important topic.

Recognising the Signs of Hearing Loss

As you age, changes in your hearing ability are likely to become more noticeable. If you find yourself frequently not responding to questions, asking people to repeat what they’ve been saying or struggling to hear on the phone, this is typically a sign of aural deterioration.

If you’re having difficulty hearing conversations in noisy places, such as shopping centres, entertainment venues or on public transport, so that service staff can’t be heard, this is a less obvious but still significant sign of your decline in hearing. 

You may have noticed these changes and therefore started to avoid social interactions. Yet, there is help available to resolve the issue. 

Hearing Aids Can Help You Reconnect with Your Surroundings

Hearing aids play a crucial role in alleviating the strain associated with hearing loss. With advances in digital technology, modern hearing aids will help improve the clarity of sounds, while in turn reduce the strain of the hearing-impaired listener. 

When you first start using a hearing aid, hearing will be amplified, so you’ll need time to adjust to the new changes. 

You may be surprised at the new loudness of what were once day-to-day background noises, such as outside traffic, the hum of washing machines and fridges, etc. However, as the receptors in your brain adapt, you will learn to tune out these insignificant sounds, allowing you to focus on important auditory cues.

Additionally, your own voice will likely sound much louder when you start wearing hearing aids or ear moulds, but this sensation diminishes as you become accustomed to the device.

The Importance of Managing Expectations

Hearing aids are designed to minimise interference from moderate background noise. While they cannot eliminate all obscure sounds, the team at Advanced Hearing Aid Centre can guide you to choose the best device for your needs.

Using hearing aids effectively requires a period of adjustment. It is highly recommended to work closely with a hearing aid professional to guide you through this process. 

It’s Normal to Lose Hearing as You Age

Age-related hearing loss affects a significant portion of adults aged 65 and older. This type of hearing loss develops gradually, often leading individuals to only realise the severity of the problem only when it becomes a major obstacle. 

The frustration of not being able to hear the TV and asking others to repeat themselves frequently can strain relationships and hinder social interactions. 

You might fear missing important news at work or in your community clubs, or even the referee’s call at your grandkid’s sporting games. 

However, hearing aids can make a remarkable difference in improving communication and reconnecting individuals with loved ones.

The Benefits of Using Two Hearing Aids

Hearing aids with dual microphones can significantly enhance your listening experience, particularly in noisy environments. 

While it is acceptable to wear a single hearing aid if you have hearing loss in one ear, wearing two hearing aids is highly recommended. The dual-auditory operation improves the localisation of sounds, allowing you to accurately identify their source. 

Wearing hearing aids in both ears ensures efficient stimulation of the central nervous system, too, helping to promote healthy brain function. Two hearing aids can enhance your ability to comprehend speech in loud locations, working as a pair they’re more likely to reduce interfering background noise.

The good news is that there is comfort and a solution for your hearing loss problem.

If you’re at all worried about your hearing, ensure peace of mind and have your hearing checked by our specialist team at Advanced Hearing Aid Centre to confirm any hearing issues.