The Importance Of Hearing Tests On The Gold Coast

Hearing Tests

As an adult, it can be easy to overlook your aural health, especially if you don’t notice any symptoms of hearing loss. It’s common for children to have hearing tests as they develop, but adults tend to forgo hearing tests until they start to experience trouble with their hearing. At the Advanced Hearing Aid Centre, we are committed to making a difference to anyone concerned about or experiencing hearing loss and are here to explain just how important it is to have regular hearing tests on the Gold Coast.

It Is Very Important To Have A Hearing Test Every Few Years

A common problem with hearing tests stem from the name – tests. Many people think of a test as being only for people who have a problem. Hearing tests should be thought of as a screening rather than the examination of the problem. A hearing test doesn’t simply diagnose hearing loss. It can discover other medical and physical problems that may not be symptomatic and would go undetected. With regular hearing tests, you can:

  • Diagnose medical conditions
    While it’s true that age is a contributing factor in hearing loss, other medical conditions can be a factor too. Diabetes and high blood pressure are both known to cause hearing loss; some people manage to solve their hearing problems by treating these medical conditions they didn’t even know they had.
  • Identify potential problems
    Regular hearing tests allow you to track changes in your hearing and make any adjustments as necessary. Your audiograms can be compared to the previous ones, showing the rate at which your hearing is changing and pointing out any potential dangers such as wax build-up or hearing loss induced by noise.
  • Prevent further damage
    As hearing loss progresses, patients may suffer from depression, anxiety in public and become increasingly isolated for reasons unrelated to their hearing loss. There is also evidence that hearing loss can lead to increased injury risk in the elderly due to their inability to hear danger signals such as car horns, smoke alarms, and other sounds.

Take your hearing health into your own hands and schedule a hearing test on the Gold Coast with a qualified audiologist. At the Advanced Hearing Aid Centre, our years of experience allow us to provide the best service possible. Call us now on 1800 314 526 or visit our website to make an appointment.