Understanding the Different Types of Hearing Aids & Which is Right for You

Hearing Aids

Struggling with hearing loss can be frustrating and isolating, but fortunately, modern hearing aid technology has made it possible to rediscover the sounds that make life worth living.

In this blog, explore the various types of hearing aids available and which may be the best fit for your unique needs with proudly Australian hearing aid company, Advanced Hearing Aid Centre.

What Is A Hearing Aid & How Does It Work?

A hearing aid is a small electronic device designed to amplify sound and improve hearing for individuals with hearing loss. It consists of a microphone, amplifier and speaker. The microphone picks up sound, which is then converted into an electrical signal by the amplifier. This amplified signal is sent to the speaker, which delivers the sound to the wearer’s ear.

The Different Types of Hearing Aids

With the advancements in hearing aid technology, there are now a wide variety of devices available to suit the needs and preferences of individuals experiencing hearing loss. Let’s take a closer look at six popular hearing aid types to help you become more informed about the various options that your local hearing aid company will have on offer.

CIC – Entirely in the Canal: CIC hearing aids are designed to be nestled fully within your ear canal, making them almost imperceptible. They’re perfect for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss who prefer a discreet solution.

RITE – Receiver in the Ear: Featuring a compact casing that rests behind the ear and a slim wire connecting to the receiver inside the ear canal, RITE hearing aids offer a natural listening experience. They’re suitable for those with mild to severe hearing loss.

RIC – Receiver in the Canal: RIC hearing aids share similarities with RITE devices, including a small casing behind the ear and a thin wire leading to the receiver in the ear canal. However, RIC devices provide greater adaptability in fitting and cater to an extensive range of hearing loss levels.

ITC – Partially in the Canal: Custom-crafted to sit partly in the ear canal, ITC hearing aids provide a subtle option for those with mild to moderately severe hearing loss. They ensure a snug fit and come with user-friendly volume controls.

ITE – Within the Ear: ITE hearing aids are tailored to cover the whole outer part of your ear. Although larger than ITC devices, they come with added features and cater to a wide range of hearing loss, from mild to severe.

BTE – Behind the Ear (Traditional or Mini): BTE hearing aids comprise a casing positioned behind the ear and a transparent tube that channels sound into the ear canal. Available in both standard and mini sizes, these devices offer a potent solution for all degrees of hearing loss.

There Is No One-Size-Fits-All Solution

Everyone’s hearing loss and lifestyles are unique, which is why it’s crucial to seek professional advice when choosing a hearing aid. At Advanced Hearing Aid Centre, we take the time to understand your specific needs and recommend the best solution and guidance to help you choose the ideal device for your unique hearing needs and lifestyle.

Ready to rediscover the sounds that make life vibrant and joyful? Let us be your trusted partner on this journey to better hearing. Book an appointment with our experienced hearing aid company today, and we’ll guide you every step of the way – from selecting the perfect hearing aid solution to exploring government-subsidised options.