5 Facts You Need To Know About Hearing Tests In Elanora

Hearing Tests

Ensuring optimal hearing health, or auditory health, often means simply staying up to date with your hearing tests so that you develop clear lines of communication with your audiologist to address any potential issues before they can escalate.

Whether or not you need treatment or hearing aids, there are a few important things that our team at the Advanced Hearing Aid Centre would like you to know about taking hearing tests in Elanora.

For your peace of mind, we have compiled this handy guide so you know exactly what to expect and know a bit more about how useful hearing tests can be.

Fact #1: Your Audiologist Will Perform A Physical Exam

Some of our clients are surprised by the fact that we perform a physical exam of the ears to ensure that there are no underlying injuries, earwax blockages, or infections. It’s all part of the process!

Fact #2: Your Appointment Should Include A Consultation 

We take the time to discuss your medical history as well as any concerns you may have, in addition to discussing the medications you are taking and even your lifestyle.

Fact #3: Your Hearing Test Should Be Painless

Normally, you can expect a three-part test, namely pure tone testing, tuning fork testing, and speech testing, in order to assess hearing loss. These tests should not cause physical pain.

Fact #4: Results Can Be Given To You Straight Away

Test results are developed as you test, so we will be able to share your results immediately and offer you insight into what the next course of action should be.

Fact #5: Your Results Might Not Be What You Expect

Nobody gets 100% on their hearing test! This does not mean that you have “failed” the test! It is simply an indication of what your hearing needs may be and can be used to track any potential hearing loss over time.

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As you can see, opting to stay updated with your hearing tests in Elanora could give you a substantial advantage in terms of maintaining good hearing and auditory health. For more information on hearing tests, hearing aids, or any other part of our services, simply get in touch with us today.