Are Hearing Aid Repairs Possible?

Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing aids are high value items that can easily be damaged. Not only is this likely due to the size and fragility of the hearing aid, but normal use can also lead to the hearing aid becoming dirty ‒ with earwax, grime, or other contaminants ‒ or even faulty.

The fact of the matter is that without your hearing aid, you can experience discomfort and frustration, and the compounded effect on your hearing could make it virtually impossible to go without.

So what can you do? Are hearing aid repairs possible? Luckily, our expert team at Advanced Hearing Aid Centre is right here to help guide you along the way. Let’s start with some facts.

Facts About Your Hearing Aid And Repairs

It’s important to note that all hearing aids have a shelf life. For most people, this is 3–7 years, though good care could extend that shelf life even longer. Wear and tear as well as the quality of the aid all contribute to this, though you should mentally prepare for the fact that no hearing aid is a lifelong investment.

The next thing you want to note is that, yes, in many cases, hearing aid repairs are possible, though it does depend on the individual scenario and the nature of the problem. We have outlined some scenarios here that might offer a positive result when opting for a repair:

  • Custom made hearing aids that require small adjustments
  • Minor repairs or cleaning will fix the issue
  • Battery replacements and other minor maintenance issues

When Repairs Are Not Possible?

As explained above, there are times when repairs are simply not an option. Here are potential situations in which a replacement might be better than repair:

  • When your hearing aid frequently need to be repaired
  • Hearing aids that are old and worn out
  • Extensive damage and permanent discomfort when wearing

Trusted Care When You Need It Most

The Advanced Hearing Aid Centre is proud to provide premium care to all our patients. Not only have we spent years cultivating strong relationships with our patients as your care providers, but we have also created strong bonds as a team that helps us to better align with the care you need ‒ including occasional hearing aid repairs. If you want to find out more, contact us today.